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Message to Prospective Students:

In the world and in our country, which is rapidly growing in almost every area , Electrical and Electronics Engineering has become one of the leading occupations in demand. The goal of the Electrical and Electronics Engineering program at the University of Turkish Aeronautical Association is to educate virtous engineers that follow, apply and improve the fast changing technological advancements; that have the ability to create and lead; that find universal values important and use their occupational responsibilities for the sake of humanity and the society. In addition to that, defining Electrical and Electronics Engineering related problems, modeling, analyzing, designing and conducting experiments when necessary, commenting, analyzing and presenting the results of the experiments are also the goals of the program. With this aim in mind, the program guides the students to use the necessary engineering calculation tools and experiment and presentation equipment. In the electrical, electronics and communications fields specifically, training research engineers that use the latest electrical-electronics and computer technologies by participating in the education, training, research and industrial application activities at the level of modern science and technology is ine of the highest priority objectives of the program.