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Electrical – Electronics Engineering has primary importance in the occupations needed in industry in our rapidly growing country. University of Turkish Aeronautical  Association  aims at getting the students of Electrical – Electronics Engineering  Department to gain the skills of determining, defining, modeling, examining, and solving  the problems of  Electrical – Electronics Engineering and the skills for designing, executing and presenting the results of the experiments, and analyzing and interpreting them. Therefore it is required that the students can use the necessary modern engineering equipment for calculating, experimenting and presenting. Participate on in training, research, industrial application activities on modern science and technology levels, and educating qualified research engineers, especially in the fields of electrics, electronics and communication are among the primary goals of the department.

Fields Of Employment

Graduate students from the program will become skillful in the subjects of cabled or mobile communication systems, aircraft electric and electronics, command and control systems, robotics, automation, modeling, developing prototypes, simulation, real time data reading evaluation, space robotics, teleportation, remote perception, earth and satellite systems, high energy systems, mechanical and electronic stability, designing and applying of electric substructure of crafts, medical electronics, designing, applying, testing, and the calibration of systems used in medicine. After graduation, our students have a broad spectrum of education which will enable them to reach the condition of doing applied research in many research institutes, particularly at universities. In addition to this, they can find opportunities to work not only in the aeronautical sector, but also in small, medium, and large scale businesses in civil and military electric, electronics, communication, automotive, and biomedical sectors.